“Stay Safe at Home” May End Too Soon

We’ve heard elected leaders, at all levels, say “stay home, save lives.” The new refrain is, “let’s balance safety with saving the economy.” Are we ending our collective shelter in places orders too soon? Are we putting people at risk of contracting COVID-19? Is a bottom line more important that recording accurate numbers? Amie Hall gives her insight to shifting ideas, orders and just want should be counted as COVID-19.

He Is Risen!

Hallelujah!   All glory, praise and honor to You Most Glorious Lord Jesus!   You have risen from the grave, You have conquered sin and death, You have opened the […]

Keeping Vigil

Holy SaturdayPrayer to Be Joined with Christ in Death O Lord,your sorrowing Mother stood by your Cross;help us in our sorrowsto share your sufferings.Like the seed buried in the ground,you have […]

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