Meet the Candidates

I always feel that if a candidate cannot take the time to respond to a local, or in our case, hyper-local, media source, it speaks volumes concerning their work ethic and their connection to our community. Only one candidate responded to your questions for the upcoming Commissioner’s Court Elections.

Important Stimulus Payment Information

There are so many questions and rumors surrounding the stimulus payments being sent out by the government. While many Americans have received their stimulus payment, there are up to 21 million people who are still waiting. Here at San Eli News, we are working hard to make sure you have all the information you need during this strange time.

Romana’s Question: What is Holy Water?

This week’s story all started with a question, from a reader, about holy water.

“I go to a church that doesn’t have any holy water, and my boyfriend goes to a Catholic church that does have holy water. Why do some of them use holy water and others not? My church says the water is like an idol and we don’t worship idols.

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