San Eli Elections Moved

A lot is happening in our community and around the world. It seems that with each passing day, more and more people are falling ill, or new restrictions are enacted to ensure we slow the spread of Coronavirus. From how our kids are attending school to how we are working has been affected.

We have been told to avoid crowds of ten (10) or more. This is one act alone has caused businesses to close, schools to shift to an online model, and people to stay home unless it’s necessary. It’s also having a direct effect on elections throughout the United States, and San Elizario is no exception.

On 20 March 2020, City Council of the City of San Elizario held a special meeting to consider approving an ordinance to postpone the scheduled general election, moving it from 2 May to 3 November 2020. The ordinance passed.

The City of San Elizario said action on this issue was both an emergency and an urgent public necessity because of the imminent threat to public health and safety presented by the Coronavirus.

The Governor of Texas also issued a proclamation on 18 March 2020 allowing the City to reschedule the election.

On 3 November 2020, as we head to the polls to decide who will be representing us on the State and National level, we will also determine who will represent the City of San Elizario as Mayor and Alderpersons for Places 4 and 5.

I think it was prudent of the City of San Elizario to reschedule this election while having the greater good of our community in mind. It’s not an easy decision to put off an election – you will either be praised for it, or vilified. In this case, the right decision was made.

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