Bishop Seitz and Priests Pray for El Paso

Photos and video by Fernie Ceniceros, Diocese of El Paso

The priests of the Diocese of El Paso are all intent on making sure that we’re continuing to minister, we’re continuing to serve,” said Bishop Seitz. “one of the main ways we can serve is by praying.”

Bishop Mark Seitz, along with a small group of priests from around the Diocese of El Paso climbed up Mt. Cristo Rey, in prayer for the El Paso community for a quick end to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Six priests and one Seminarian along with Bishop Mark Seitz, climbed to the summit of Mt. Cristo Rey Saturday, 21 March 2020.

“We’re going to continue to celebrating mass. We’re going to continue offering the sacrament of reconciliation, and we’re going to continue praying,” said the Bishop.

This is, above all else, an example to us of faith, hope and love in action. For Bishop Mark Seitz, and this small group of priests to make this pilgrimage, to offer prayers on our behalf, as the Bishop says, doing what the Church does should lead us to a deeper life of prayer and helping our neighbours.

“We’re going to continue doing what the Church does. We’re going to continue close to God in prayer and from Him we’re going to find strength,” said the Bishop while at Mt. Cristo Rey. “We’re going to find the consolation. We’re going to find the help that we need. We as a community United with the Lord are going to get through this.”

I am thankful that the Church is there, praying, helping, reaching out to God and us during this pandemic. Let us follow the example of our Bishop, the Holy Father and others, and let’s pray for our family, community, city and world.

The Catholic Diocese has provided the following The Catholic Diocese has provided the following spiritual resources in response to the Coronavirus.

Resources for COVID-19

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has issued the following regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19): With the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, we are confronted once more with the fragility of our lives, and again we are reminded of our common humanity; that the peoples of this world are our brothers and sisters, that we are all one family under God.