Wildcats at the Eagles Nest

Audrey Hernandez

It was a great night of basketball out at the Eagles Nest.

For the Varsity Girls, Victoria Perez hit the 1,000-point mark, and passed it! She needed sixteen points to reach that mark, shot past that and scored a total of 28 points.

Victoria Perez scored 28 points. Audrey Hernandez scored 24 while Camila Contreras scored 13 and Natalia Perez scored 11.

The final score?

The Varsity Boys had to fight throughout their game and couldn’t pull away with the win. Still, they fought hard, answering almost every basket the Wildcats managed to sink.

The top-scoring players are Jay Hernandez 29, Alex Palacios 13, Daniel Pérez 11, Anselmo Palacios 10.

I do want to thank the San Eli Lady Eagles for thinking of me and for the card they gave me tonight. I can never repay the kindness you have shown me. All I can do is thank you and promise I’ll keep on coming out as long as you will have me!

I do have a special event about to happen in my life this coming Easter. I will be inviting all of you – the Lady Eagles and the Boys as well! Each one of you is special to me. Thank you!

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