San Elizario’s Winter Holiday Celebration

Gone are the day when Cities would take the time out to celebrate the holidays in a way that included the community. I’m not talking about parades or touring neighborhoods where every house is covered with Christmas lights. What I’m thinking about is a time when people would gather in the town square and celebration. That is something only found in old black and white movies of the 40s and 50s. Or, that’s what I used to think.

The City San Elizario, Texas, held its annual Winter Holiday Celebration along Main Street this evening. I showed up about three-thirty, well before registration for gifts and prizes began, to walk around and take photos of San Elceario Catholic Church and stop for some much-needed prayer and peace.

As I parked, I noticed people were already hard at work. The City was setting out tables and bringing out the gifts as vendors were setting up their wares up and down the street.

People began to filter in. As they walked around, they would notice old friends and take time to catch-up while children ran and played with new and old friends.

Today’s Holiday Celebration, for me, was amazing. Today was about joy, peace, friendship, and helping our neighbors.

We all feasted on hotdogs, tamales, chips and drinks that the City of San Elizario provided while watching Baile Folklorico, from Borrego Elementary, dance.

Just before 7 p.m., the guest of honor, Santa Clause, made his grand entrance riding in a fire truck from the San Elizario Fire Department.

There were prize drawings, pinatas, a skit by the San Elizario Players and so much more. I’m already looking forward to next year!

I did take time out to talk with Nancy Montes, city clerk for the City of San Elizario.

“This year, we had so many donations from business, contractors, constituents. They were all very generous,” said Nancy Montes. “We’re all very happy and proud of our City and how they turned out for us.”

Among the gifts donated for the event, there were toys, and hand made blankets and bicycles. Some of the bikes, ten of them, were given to the City of San Elizario by SOAC through the help of Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care in El Paso, Texas. In total, there were over 125 toys, 65 bikes.

I also caught up with Samuel Williams, Congressional Candidate for the 16th Congressional District.

“I decided to come out with my grandson because events like this, community-based events are important for everyone,” said Williams. “In fact, I will be working with El Barrio Sports Club and an event we are hosting the 21st of this month for a toy drive.”

Samuel Williams also told me of a nine-year-old, Wendy, who has been asking for toys from local businesses and neighbors to help El Barrio Sports Club.

“I would like to see more cities host events like this one at San Elizario and the one we are hosting with the El Paso Sports Club. It would go a long way to build community, and that is something we need today,” said Samuel Williams.

Everyone had a great time. Just wish I didn’t have to leave so early. Next year, I’ll be there all night!

Enjoy the photos we took of tonights events!

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