Excellence From San Elizario

Camila Contreras of San Elizario High School signed her national letter of intent with Virginia Commonwealth University, a Division I school, this afternoon. Needless to say, emotions ran high. There were tears of joy and excitement for a bright future, mixed with sadness stemming from the realization that one chapter is closing at the same time another is opening.

For the past three years Camila has been named MVP within the district with average scores of fifty points per game and eleven rebounds, all with the help and support of an amazing team. She’s been invited to try out for the Junior Olympics, as well as played for the team in Juarez and Mexico City.

Camila shines not only one the court, but off of it as well. She’s a student who strives to do her best in whatever she does and is aiming for a degree in psychology, as well as opening her own business.

I got the chance to catch up with her after the signing and photos, and was able to ask what she was going to miss the most about San Elizario High School.

“I’m probably going to miss the sense of community,” she said. “How everyone is always there to support you. No one is left behind here. Once you’re part of the school, everyone is always going to be there for you.”

That sense of community is one thing I’ve always noticed at San Eli. Everyone treats everyone else as a friend, as a member of their extended family. Today, as Camila and her family shared the excitement of committing to VCU with the larger family that is San Elizario, I couldn’t help but notice how everyone was connected to each other. Not just the hugs, but also the tears, offers of support and love that everyone shares with each other.

Camila’s final thoughts?

“No matter how much people are going to tell you, you can’t do it, you aren’t made for that, you’re just not good enough, you are. You can. If you work hard enough. You can get yourself to be good enough. It’s not, ‘you’re not born good enough.’ You have to make yourself good enough.”

Excellence starts at San Elizario. The teachers seek to inspire their students, and Camila has definitely caught that spark. No doubt she will continue to shine brightly as she represents the family that is San Elizario High School.

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